Stop Springtime Allergies Simply by Eating

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7. Stinging Nettle

When you talk about allergy solutions, you have to talk about stinging nettle. This herb will stop the inflammation that happens when you have allergic reactions. Stinging nettle contains histamine, that chemical that your body makes when you have an allergic reaction, which means that over time, your body will acquire a tolerance to it. The best remedy is to buy 500mg of freeze dried stinging nettle capsules at your health food or natural store and take one capsule three times each day.


8. Nuts

As if you needed another reason to keep these on hand for snacking! The journal Thorax published a study in 2007 that found that children in Crete who ate a Mediterranean diet, which is high in fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, were much less likely to have allergies. Nuts can decrease inflammation around the tissues in the throat and nose that become irritated due to an allergic reaction by the body.


9. Citrus Fruits

All you need is 500 milligrams of vitamin C from whole food sources to help cut down on those allergic reactions. Studies show that this is the amount you need every day for this vitamin to be effective against allergies. Be certain that you eat plenty of oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, mangos, and other types of citrus fruits every single day.

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