Stop Springtime Allergies Simply by Eating


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10. Turmeric

This spice from India has a long list of health benefits, but when it comes to allergies, you will want to take turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Add it to rice, green smoothies, stir fry, and steamed veggies.


11.  Kale

This well-known super food has a powerful one-two punch to help you fight allergies. It contains carotenoids and quercetin, both of which fight allergy symptoms. If kale isn’t one of your favorite foods, try eating it baked.


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12. Yogurt

The probiotic compounds in yogurt are thought to be effective in reducing allergic reactions to pollen.  Probiotics help to keep your gut flora in a health and balanced state, which will keep your immune system strong. Probiotics also reduce inflammation and decrease the body’s immune system response to allergens.


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