Strange, New Virus Spreading Among Vaccinated Children

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There is a new and mysterious virus spreading among school aged children in several states across the US. This unknown virus is being called EV-D68, and it is sending children to hospitals by the hundreds. Affected states so far include Colorado, Missouri, Utah, and Kansas. In Kansas City alone, more than 475 kids were sent to local hospitals with about 60 of these children being put in intensive care.

You might have seen this story on CNN but there is an important factor that they are leaving out of their story; all these children have been vaccinated with MMR, polio, and many other common immunizations. These are the children that are being struck down with this unknown virus. Is it possible that vaccines have made these children vulnerable to new virus outbreaks?

How do we know that this is occurring among children who received vaccines? Because of the simple fact that when outbreaks occur, the first thing mainstream media does is to point the finger and blame parents who have not gotten vaccinations for their children as the main cause of any type of outbreak. Since CNN and other news sources have not said one word about unvaccinated children, or that any of the children stricken with this virus were unvaccinated, it is fairly obvious that this means the children who are infected with EV-D68 are children that have been vaccinated.

Of course, being a new virus, there are no vaccines for EV-D68. This means that mainstream media cannot push you to send your children to be vaccinated for “protection.” Without this little piece of advice, mainstream media seems at a loss as to what to say. They certainly cannot tell you to improve your child’s immune system, which would be like admitting that you don’t need vaccines, only a healthy immune system.

About the only thing that CNN could come up with in terms of advice was to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, avoid hugging or kissing, sharing utensils and dishes, and if you are sick to stay home.

No advice about taking vitamin D supplements, or zinc, or eating foods that would improve your immune system, avoiding toxic chemicals, nothing like that. It appears that the media, when they don’t have a vaccine to push on you, automatically defaults to hand washing and avoiding contact.

Even though children’s lives could be at risk, mainstream media will not even suggest vitamin D, although it could save an untold number of lives during an outbreak.

America’s dependence on vaccines will kill millions of children in the end. Why? Because when you lose your natural ability to rely on your immune system, not to mention healthy supplements, when the only thing you are relying on is a vaccine, you lose the ability to think for yourself, and to heal yourself. When there is no vaccine, what do you do? Stay home and wash your hands? If this turns out to be a deadly pandemic, how long do you intend to stay home doing the hand washing routine?

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