Super Creative Ways to Get 20K Every Day!

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6. Treadmill Desk

If you work from home, invest in a treadmill desk. These are fairly inexpensive and can add thousands of steps every day. You don’t have to walk 4mph; a slow 1mph will add 3,000 steps to your day in just one hour. Many people say that 2mph is easy to do and it doesn’t interrupt their working ability at all. If you can manage to get one of these in your life, you will be on easy street!


7. Park and Walk

OK, so what about those trips that are farther away than 1 mile? This is when you do the park and walk feature. Park a block away if you can, or at least at the farthest end of the parking lot and walk. Or if you usually take a bus or subway to work, get off one stop before you normally would and walk the rest of the way.


8. Double Duty Stairs

You most likely already practice talking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, but how about walking them twice? We aren’t suggesting that you walk up, then down, then back up 17 flights of stairs, if that’s what you normally walk to get to your office, for example, but how about just the last two floors? But if you are walking up just to the second story, simply walk to the top, walk back down, and then walk back up the stairs to your destination. This is an easy workout for your heart, only takes a few extra minutes, and adds more steps!


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9. Take a Walk Break

If you typically work at a desk and can’t convince your boss to put in a treadmill desk, at least set a timer so that you get in at least a couple of minutes of walking every hour. You could try working for 30 minutes, for example, then getting up and walking around the office or down the stairs to head outside for 5 minutes. Or work for 1 hour, and then take a 10 minute break to walk. Do whatever works with your schedule, but try your best to get at least a couple minutes of walking time every single hour.


10. Have a Walk Meet

You can walk with your hubby to discuss the week’s plans or instead of drinks and a movie with the girls after work, why not schedule a walk in the park or at least twice around the mall before you hit the movies? Try walking with your kids while they tell you about their homework project or while you are planning out next week’s schedule. If you are really lucky you can convince your boss and co-workers to take a walk while you discuss a project. Almost anything you can sit and talk about can be done walking and talking instead.

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