Super Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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The main course should be a good source of protein. This doesn’t always have to be meat, however, and you can choose something like eggs, beans, or fish sticks.

Now you want to add a side or two. Usually this will be one fruit and one vegetable.

Then add a drink or two and a dessert. When you break down the school lunch into these categories, you can see how much easier things will be.

Let’s look at a few lunch examples. Of course, you will want to alter these to suit your child’s tastes, but this should give you an idea of how to make up the menu that your child can pick from.

  • Monday – Turkey, Cheese, and Avocado Rolls, Broccoli florets with homemade Ranch dressing, Melon Slices, Homemade Sweet Potato Chips, Mixed Berry Smoothie and Water.
  • Tuesday – Bean, Cheese, and Lettuce Tacos with Homemade Salsa, Avocado slices, Red Pepper Slices, Baked Potato Chips, Yogurt with Blueberries, a Banana, Frozen Yogurt in a Squeeze Bottle and Water
  • Wednesday – Homemade Pizza, Chopped Salad with Homemade Ranch dressing, Dates and Nuts, Banana Smoothie, and Water.
  • Thursday – Homemade Crackers with Ham and Cheese, Celery Sticks with Almond Butter and Raisins, Orange Slices with Walnuts, Chia Seed Pudding and Water
  • Friday – Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dip, Cucumber and Carrots slices, Jell-O, Mango Smoothie, and Water

You will need to adjust these foods to suit your child’s taste but these give you an idea about how to put a healthy lunch together. Make up another week of your child’s favorites and they can simply pick and choose what they would like to eat!

You might want to add another snack or two if your child gets snack breaks. Vegetables are not always easy to stick into a child’s lunch, but when you make them tasty and fun (such as celery sticks with almond butter and raisins) they are much more likely to eat them.

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