Ten Mushrooms that Prevent Disease and Stop Cancer


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Some of the world’s oldest and greatest natural healing systems have long used the medicinal powers of mushrooms. In both Indian and ancient Chinese medicine, mushrooms were often the prescription healers gave to persons suffering from a wide range of health issues, everything from fatigue to chronic and serious diseases. Europeans love mushrooms for their significant healing compounds, which are often thought to be due to their very dense concentration of essential nutrients.

Ancient Egyptians believed that mushrooms could grant you immortality, and the ancient Romans believed mushrooms were the foods of the gods.

Unfortunately, our toxic drug based medical communities have completely forgotten about the healing elements of many foods and plants that had kept people healthy for centuries before pharmaceutical drugs were invented. Ongoing research shows that some mushrooms are unbelievably powerful disease fighting dynamos.

Keep reading and find out the 10 healing mushrooms that offer you protection for everything from degenerative brain diseases to cancer.


1. White Button Mushrooms

Plain old white button mushrooms have more potassium, protein, selenium, and copper than almost any other mushroom.  These mushrooms have powerful protection against inflammation. Inflammation in the body leads to a wide range of chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

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