The 10 Best Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Gas And Bloating

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5. Ginger

Long recognized for its ability to settle upset tummies, ginger can be taken in the form of hot tea. Shgaols and gingerols are two chemicals that make up fresh ginger. They are able to treat inflammation while calming the intestinal track. A nice warm cup of ginger tea made with several slices of fresh ginger steeped in hot water with lemon and honey to taste should do the trick.


6. Activated charcoal

While you may not have activated charcoal at your fingertips, once you try it you might want to keep a bottle handy in your medicine cabinet. One of the uses of activated charcoal is to assist in those suffering from a drug overdose. The porous surface of the charcoal traps the excess drugs and the same process can be applied to capturing excess gas. It is available in a tablet capsule and as a powder.


7. A 10-minute walk

One simple solution for getting rid of gas pains and bloating is to go for a quick walk. A 10 to 15-minute brisk walk will help to displace the gas pockets causing you the discomfort. You can take your dog out for a walk in the park, go hand-in-hand with your sweetie, or just start out by yourself and keep moving as not only your gas problems go away but as the toils of the day begin to drop off.

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