The 10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Taking The Pill

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It’s super easy, very convenient, pretty darn effective, and it’s harmless – or at least that’s what your doctor will tell you about your birth control pill. But there are plenty of things that they don’t tell you about what that pill is doing besides preventing pregnancy. They never tell you that those tiny little pills do a real number on your self-confidence, behavior, and especially to your body.

Most women are routinely given a prescription for the pill for very little reason. Got acne? PMS? Irregular menstrual cycles? Don’t want to get pregnant right now? The answer for all of these issues is birth control pills. Doctors hand them out as if they were sugar pills instead of some serious prescription hormones.

In case you haven’t been told, birth control pills are synthetic hormones that tell your body you are pregnant already. These hormones override your body’s natural hormonal rhythm. This is not something anyone should want, except in extreme circumstances.

Want to know what else you probably aren’t being told about your birth control pill? Keep reading! We will fill you in on everything you have a right to know.


1.  It Shrinks Your Clitoris

This is something your doctor will certainly never tell you! Synthetic hormones in birth control pills can shrink your clitoris by as much as 20 percent! You can think of this as prescription genital mutilation.


2.  You Are Always “Pregnant”

As we mentioned, when you take birth control pills, your body constantly thinks that it’s pregnant. A woman’s natural cycle is made up of rising and falling levels of progesterone and estrogen. The pill keeps your hormones at a constant, artificially high level of hormones — tricking your body into thinking you are already pregnant so that pregnancy can’t occur. Birth control pills keep your hormones at three to four times higher than normal, even at your peak cycle.


3.  They Don’t Address The Root Cause

For those of you who take the pill for reasons other than avoiding pregnancy, the pill is only masking your symptoms; it doesn’t actually address the underlying problem. Issues such as an irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, acne, and sometimes even PMS are all indicators of an underlying health or nutrition problem that should be addressed, not covered up by artificially high levels of hormones. However, simply writing a prescription is much less work for your doctor.

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  1. Betsy Riley

    Dec 3, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    You did not mention the Paraguard IUD, which works without hormones because it is made of copper. It lasts 5-10 years and was the best non-hormonal birth control option for me.