The 2 Popular Food Additives That Are Erasing Years From Your Life

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The Second Ingredient: Salt

Although sodium is essential to the human body, we actually need only about 500 mg for our body to function properly. If we fall below this level, the body can experience fatigue, hyponatremia, headaches, kidney damage, concussions, and in extreme cases, coma.

Unfortunately, the refined salt that most of us consume is not the best option. Refined salt is stripped of almost all minerals, leaving behind only a compound called sodium chloride. Our bodies need these other trace minerals that are found in natural salt.

Refined salts are also filled with other chemicals that the body does NOT need, such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium iodine. These have a dehydrating effect, which causes health problems such as gout, obesity, and high blood pressure.

The journal Appetite published a study finding that women who added refined salt to their daily diet had higher levels of depression than those who did not.

Almost all of the refined salt Americans consume comes from processed foods, junk foods, or fast foods. Using natural, unrefined salt, such as sea salt or Himalayan salt, can help the body more easily move nutrients to the cells, stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


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Although it can be difficult to change our diets, making small changes over time will lead to huge improvements in your health. These are two areas to start with that will make a difference you will see and feel.


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