The Amazing Medicinal Properties Of Coconut Oil

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Is there anything that coconut oil can’t do? This amazing superfood has been proven to effectively treat everything from acne to cancer. How can one item do so much for so many different health conditions? A closer look at its composition will help to explain it all.

Where does coconut oil come from, and what makes it so effective?

While the people who populate the South Pacific use coconut oil in their daily diet, there are many areas where this food is viewed more for its health benefits. Coconut oil comes from coconut-bearing palm trees. Also known as copra oil, it is extracted from mature coconuts from the meat of the dried flesh.

Coconuts never go out of season, making them an ongoing source that is easy to cultivate. Every palm tree can yield anywhere from 100 to 120 coconuts each year. The main reason coconut oil is so effective in resolving health issues is that its main claim to fame is its high level of natural saturated fats.

Much like olive oil, there is a crude oil, a refined oil and an extra virgin unrefined. The virgin and extra virgin types of coconut oil are best to use, and the crude is not a good choice at all. Here are the different things that coconut oil can do for you and several ways to incorporate it for the best results.


1. Lowers your cholesterol levels 

Use coconut oil in cooking, and you will find your bad cholesterol dropping and your good cholesterol rising.


2. Kills lice

These pesky bugs are easily killed off by the application of coconut oil. Apply the oil to the scalp, and cover with a shower cap. Leave on at least 4 hours or overnight, and the bugs will suffocate and die. This method has been proven to be more effective than the medicated shampoos prescribed by doctors.


3. Weight loss

One to three tablespoons each day can help to rev up your metabolism and encourage weight loss.

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