The Amazing Medicinal Properties Of Coconut Oil

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14. Reduces high blood pressure and heart disease

A couple of tablespoons taken daily will help bring blood pressure levels back into the normal range. In addition, it helps to keep cholesterol under control, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


15. Effective in treating Alzheimer’s naturally

It was found that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease were able to generate an alternative to insulin in order to help aid in the repair of the brain.


16. Resolves UTIs and kidney infections 

Coconut water has been proven to help deal with kidney stones. Coconut oil helps resolve urinary tract infections (UTIs), and it plays a big part in protecting the liver from damage.


17. Cuts down on inflammation from arthritis

Studies in India confirmed that coconut oil was effective as an anti-inflammatory and as an analgesic when treating those with arthritis.


18. Effective in preventing and treating cancer

It has been shown to decrease the bacteria in the stomach lining, reducing the chances of suffering from stomach cancer.

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