The Best 12 Herbs to Keep Eyes Healthy and Disease Free

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4. Gingko Biloba

This herb has been used for centuries for problems with the central nervous system as well as a remedy for eye problems. Ginkgo is a selective vascular dilator that increases circulation and blood flow to the back of the eye. Ginkgo has been associated with improvements for those suffering from both glaucoma and macular degeneration. Researchers in Korea found in a study done in 2012 that gingko biloba extracts applied to 332 subjects with normal tension glaucoma, had improved vision.


5. Goldenseal

Most people think of goldenseal as a natural antibiotic. Scientists show us that this ancient herb, used by the Native Americans for hundreds of years, has anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibiotic compounds that can be terrific when it comes to improving eye health. When used as eyewash, this herb is super effective at treating eye irritation, and stopping infections such as staph, and trachoma.


6. Milk Thistle

This herb has so much to offer besides supporting a healthy liver. However, weak eyesight or blurry vision is sometimes a reflection of our liver health. This might mean that what is bad for your liver will be bad for your eyes. The active ingredient in milk thistle that works so well for the liver, silymarin, are also good for the eyes. Your liver stores fat soluble vitamins and glutathione, both of which are used to repair the eyes. Research shows that milk thistle can inhibit a compound called reductase, which play an important part in the deposit of sugar in the eyes of those suffering from diabetes. So consuming milk thistle will help both your liver and your eyes, which tend to rely on one another.

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