The Best Ways To Treat Nail Fungus

If you are fighting a nail infection, you are not alone. Medical professionals have learned that around half the people in this country will end up with a nail fungus by the time they are age 70. The U.S. National Library of Medicine has determined that half of the causes of nail disease are due to fungus.


What is Nail Fungus?

Technically, nail fungus is known as onychomycosis. It is an infection, usually of the toenails, caused by molds, ringworms, and yeasts. It is a chronic condition that eventually breaks down the plate of the nail. It is common in areas of the country that have very warm weather and seems to flourish under warm, moist conditions. Wearing closed-toed shoes, walking barefoot around public pools or in the shower area of your workout facility, or even getting a pedicure all may increase your chances of getting a nail fungus.


What Are the Symptoms?

A nail fungus may start off innocently at first as a yellow or white spot beneath your toenail, but it will quickly attack your nail, making it thick and deep yellow and crumbly as it goes deeper under the surface.


What Treatments Are Available?

  • Medications – If you visit your doctor, you will be able to get a prescription to get rid of your nail fungus.
  • Dietary Changes – If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can change the way you eat and see if you can resolve your nail fungus this way. Try these suggestions to see if they work for you. The good news is that they are supposed to act fast in treating the fungus.
  • Eliminate grains and sugar – These two food groups are responsible for feeding the development of yeast and candida in your body, two conditions that contribute to nail fungus.
  • Eat foods that help good bacteria grow – Once you get the bad stuff out, you will want to replace it with things such as foods that are fermented, probiotic foods, yogurt, and kefir.
  • Eat quality fats and protein, and increase your fiber – Because fiber is not absorbed in the digestive system, it is able to safely remove waste toxins, cholesterol, and fat that could build up in your gut. Foods in these groups can help the body safely eliminate toxins.

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