The Dangers Of Spanx, Shapewear, And Corsets (#5 – We Had No Idea!)

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Ladies and gentleman, we understand the desire to look good. Who doesn’t want to go to a high school reunion, office Christmas party, or any public function looking great? Spandex or other types of shapewear seem to be the perfect solution, don’t they? Simply slip these items on and, like magic, you look 10 pounds slimmer, your body is sleek and smooth, and you can hide those ugly love handles. What could be easier? How in the world can something so harmless be terrible for you?

What shapewear and the newfound interest in corsets do to the body is worse than terrible. Women everywhere (and occasionally, even men) are doing great harm to the body for the sake of our vanity. In addition to being uncomfortable, and in some cases, downright painful, we are squeezing our bodies in vices of our own devices.

Most people have absolutely no idea the damage they are doing to themselves, just to look better.

If you haven’t heard of “waist training” yet, you will. This seems new to many young ladies today, but it’s simply the second coming of an old clothing item from the Victorian ages: The corset. The endless search for a smaller waist has sparked a renewed interest in the use of corsets to obtain an otherwise unnatural shape.

“Waist training” involves wearing a corset for hours, sometimes for an entire eight hour day, in order to obtain an ‘hourglass’ figure. When young, impressionable girls see celebrities like Kim Kardashian posting selfies of their waist training corsets, it gives the idea that this is a safe and normal type of beauty routine.

Proponents of this practice say that the garments cause you to lose water weight through sweat, but it simply isn’t possible to shave inches off your waist through perspiration in any kind of permanent way. If you think about it, once you remove the garment, your body will return to its original shape. Any type of real change is taking place due to compressed, squished organs and squashed, misshapen rib cages.

One before and after picture of a women who has used corsets in an attempt to “ correct” her figure will clearly show you the dangers of what many women are doing to their bodies.

It’s not just corsets, either. Many types of shapewear are so tight that they also cause serious health problems. What kind of problems are we talking about?

Let’s take a look at what happens when you slip into that shapewear.


1. Severe Organ Compression

Obviously, the job of shapewear is to be tight — otherwise, what would be the point? However, most shapewear compresses the colon, stomach, and intestines to the point that it is downright damaging. Compression of the stomach can cause heartburn, acid reflux, and erosive esophagitis, which means that your stomach acid is pushed up into your esophagus, burning it and causing damage. When the digestive tract is affected, your intestines can no longer contract and move food or waste through the body. This can lead to constipation and the complete shutdown of your digestive system. Many women state that they have felt dizzy, fainted, or thrown up because of the intense pressure of the corset or shapewear that they had on.

Have you ever eaten a really large meal, and then had to unbutton your jeans so your stomach could do its job? Imagine eating that meal and then putting on jeans that are three sizes too small. There really isn’t much difference.

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