The Deadly Cancer No One Talks About

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Almost everyone in America knows about breast cancer. In fact, we have the entire month of October dedicated to it. We have walks and runs for breast cancer and lung cancer. Since the death of Patrick Swayze, we talk about pancreatic cancer and because of Lance Armstrong, we talk about testicular cancer. But when was the last time you heard anyone talk about prostate cancer?

For some reason, this type of cancer gets very little attention, even though it’s the #2 killer for men and the #1 killer for men over 75. Perhaps because this type of cancer generally hits later in life, we simply think of it as an “old man’s” disease and not something we should be concerned with. However, did you know that this disease generally starts when a man is in his 40’s? They might not have any symptoms or even be aware of the problem until they are in their late 60’s, but if more men were to take steps to prevent or become aware of this cancer, they might live well past the age of 75.

Ladies, this doesn’t mean this article is not for you. Since women are generally the caretakers of the family, you should be aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer, so if your man doesn’t notice, or brushes it off, you should be the one to talk to him about it and convince him to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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