The Deadly Cancer No One Talks About

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What is Prostate Cancer?

The prostate is a small gland found in the reproductive system of almost all male mammals. The prostate provides fluid for sperm to travel in.

Although there are several different types of cancer that can occur in the prostate, and they all develop a bit differently, the one attribute that they all share is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, prostate cancers develop slowly and they take a very long time to spread to other parts of the body, although that does happen. There is a form of prostate cancer that spreads more quickly and therefore can spread more easily to other parts of the body, but this form of prostate cancer is rare.


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Some men have prostate cancer for years and aren’t even aware of it and die later of other causes. However, since this cancer is the number one killer of men over the age of 75, it is definitely a cause for concern, especially since it grows so slowly. This means men have plenty of time to monitor its progress (in combination with a doctors help, of course) and take steps towards creating a healthier environment for their prostate.

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