The Effects Of Constipation On Your Body

treat constipation naturally

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3. Lowered ratio of healthy bacteria

Healthy bacteria in your body is called flora. The purpose of flora is to help with the production of vitamins and helps with your immune system. When you are constipated the amount of flora in your intestine is reduced putting you at risk for illness and infection.


4. Colon cancer

The colon is meant to store a couple of pounds of stools. If you become constipated, there is a buildup of stools and puts the colon at risk for ripping. When the colon becomes strained because it is overloaded, it strains the inner membrane. Ruptures and possible infections occur and it could lead to colon cancer.


5. Increased toxins

Your skin will show on the outside what your body is going through on the inside. If you become constipated, you will suffer an excess of toxins in your body. The skin, your largest organ, has to work overtime to get rid of these toxins. If your skin looks less than glowing you need to address the issues that are going on inside of your body before you start looking for a new facial cream.

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