The Effects Of Constipation On Your Body

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Many people think that they must have a bowel movement at least once a day in order to be normal. You don’t have to worry about being constipated unless you have three or less bowel movements in a week.

While constipation is usually not serious on a short-term basis, around 42 million people end up being constipated at one time or another. The Mayo Clinic only recognizes constipation as a serious condition if it lasts a few weeks or longer. What Are the Side Effects of Being Constipated?


1. Infections

If you end up being constipated, you are probably having trouble passing a stool. If the stool has become dry and hard from lack of moisture, it could make having a bowel movement painful. When the rectum is stretched out to accommodate the painful stool, the rectum could stay open resulting in rectal prolapse. This could lead to an infection.


2. Bad breath

One unusual side effect is bad breath. You may wonder how a condition that is occurring at one end of your body could affect the complete opposite end of your body, but it can. What happens is the gasses and toxic waste that are building up because you are constipated rises up and as it goes throughout the body and it usually ends up in your mouth.

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