The Feds Finally Admit What We Have Known All Along

Cannabis Background

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We want to be clear here: we are not talking about people who are looking to get high. We can use cannabinoids to cure cancer without ever rolling a blunt. The problem with current federal law is that even marijuana which contains no THC (the part of the plant which gets you high) is still illegal, even though you can’t possibly get high without THC. Where is the logic in this?

If you do even a quick search of the PubMed National Library of Medicine database using the key word ‘marijuana,’ you will get thousands of hits. You can find marijuana advocacy websites that have created lists of studies in easy to read formats, showing study after study about the health benefits of marijuana. This really leads to head scratching and begs the question: “why is America spending so much time, not to mention money, both researching and prosecuting, marijuana, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits, while we fast track other drugs that have questionable results and sometimes devastating side effects?”

If the truth were told, the benefits of pot have more clinical research to back up its effectiveness and safety than most pharmaceutical drugs!


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When you consider that most drug labels have up to 70 negative side effects, some with as many as 525, and that most of them have not been studied for long term use, it becomes easy to see the oddity that exists concerting the use of hemp, which contains no THC. It’s mind boggling!

Hopefully, the US will soon realize that that there are both health related and practical uses for marijuana and that one day soon, Americans everywhere will be able to benefit from the health benefits of weed, as well as the sustainability of hemp.


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  1. kane

    Jul 14, 2015 at 12:58 am

    I am sure the big pharmaceutical companies are doing all they can to keep it illegal for the same reasons the big lumber companies got it outlawed in the first place.