The Shocking Things Smoking Pot Does to the Brain and Body

Cannabis Background

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Mary Jane, pot, weed, marijuana… no matter what name you call it, this is perhaps the most popular, but illegal, drug anywhere in the world. In the past 5 to 10 years, however, support for its legalization, both for medicinal and recreational purposes, has been gaining ground.

Supporters say that pot is nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol and much less destructive to the body than tobacco. Opponents say that it dulls the mind, ruins the memory, and is just as dangerous to the lungs and mouth as tobacco products.

Although there is a great need for more research in this area, there is a great deal that is known about marijuana and its effects on the body and mind. Although pot has been used for untold centuries as both a medicine and as means of pleasure (it’s even mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, known then as kaneh bosem) there have not been a huge number of controlled studies. This is because pot has been listed as a Schedule I drug, which puts it right up there with the most dangerous of all drugs, including heroin and LSD. Hard to believe, but true. In fact, according to the FDA, cocaine and meth are only Schedule II drugs!  Therefore if you want to do clinical research on pot, you need research grade material and special permission to run the tests.

Although there have been popular movements lately to reclassify and decriminalize marijuana, without being armed with the necessary knowledge to fight those who believe that legalization attempts are nothing more than a bunch of pot-heads who want nothing more than to get high. So let’s look at the facts:

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