The Shocking Things Smoking Pot Does to the Brain and Body

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Marijuana is Less Harmful and Less Addictive than Other Drugs

Although addiction is a very complex topic, it is possible for people to become addicted to anything, anything that gives us pleasure. This means alcohol, ice cream, and even Facebook. Well, OK, perhaps not Facebook, but you get the picture. So while pot addiction is very real, it does appear to be much rarer than other substances, legal or illegal.

Statistics say that about one out of every 10 people who use marijuana will become hooked on it, but this is small when you consider that 20 percent of cocaine users will get hooked, 32 percent of tobacco users, and 15 percent of those who drink alcohol. Another important thing to consider is that people can overdose on heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and prescription drugs, but the only way marijuana will kill you is if someone rolls a couple of bales of it on top of your face.

Pot has been shown to be much less addictive and dangerous than other substances; in fact, more than 100 times safer than alcohol. So the addiction avenue opponents try to use is moot.

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