The Shocking Things Smoking Pot Does to the Brain and Body

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Marijuana Does Not Appear to Affect Memory or Concentration

Although the short term effects of smoking pot is felt within a matter of minutes, it peaks within 30 minutes and is then completely gone within two to three hours. You often hear, however, that heavy or even regular pot smokers have memory or concentration problems.

Although more research really needs to be done in this area, the 2012 review of research that is available was published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine found that the immediate impairments of concentration and memory do not appear to be permanent. Although pot will impair the user’s concentration and attention span, it does not appear to affect even heavy users for more than 6 hours after ingesting or smoking. Several studies have found no long term effects on working memory.

Studies done in 2002 found that even if your memory is messed up while you are smoking, it will go back to normal within a matter of days, at most.

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