The Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast!

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The common cold. There have been cures for many illnesses throughout the years, some simple, some complex, but the common cold continues to be an enigma in the medical field. Not only does there tend to still be no cure for it, the jury is out as to exactly what does and doesn’t work in helping provide the fastest relief.

The symptoms of a cold start out slowly, and depending on what remedies you try, the length of it will run from a few days to a few weeks. You may be lucky enough to catch it right at the beginning, or you will have the never-ending cold from hell. You may begin to experience a scratchy throat, a runny nose, and an all-around achy feeling. With no energy to spare, no stomach or taste for food of any kind, and a general feeling of misery, your cold has reached full swing.

Everyone has their favorite cure that they put into place at the first signs of an impending cold. Some work and some don’t. Here are all of the best ways to take control of your cold so you can send it on its way as quickly as possible.


Tried and true – the best of the best

  • Lots and lots of rest. Sleep is your friend, and it gives your body the chance to relax and focus completely on the illness at hand. For those of you who think your office will not be able to continue to run successfully without you, drink a big fat glass of reality and get yourself back under the covers. Showing up to work while you are sick is selfish and just exposes everyone in the office to your germs.
  • Get ready to float. To say you need to drink plenty of fluids is an understatement — yet it is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure your cold runs right through you. Water, juice, and tea are some of the best liquids you can keep close by at all times.
  • Never underestimate the power of chicken soup. The benefits of chicken soup are twofold: It adds to your hydration, and it provides at least some nutritional value so that your blood sugar doesn’t dip, and your body is able to keep up its strength.
  • Create a steamy environment. You can either create a steam bath by turning your shower on full blast and letting the hot water create a thick steam, or you can boil water in a big pot, put a towel over your head, and inhale as much of the steam as you can without burning yourself. Either way, the warm, humid environment will help to loosen mucous and begin to clear your sinuses, giving you some quick relief.
  • Keep more germs from joining the party. Using a hand sanitizer, gargling with a mouthwash known for killing germs, and spraying a disinfectant in your room will help to keep your germ population under control. If you can, wash your bedding and air out your room occasionally to help give yourself a clean slate.

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