The Top 10 Benefits of Oil Pulling

spoon of oil

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6. Reduces Inflammation

Oil pulling reduces inflammation in the body, especially in joints, helping to ease arthritis pain.


7. Improves The Thinking Process

Many people who do regular oil pulling state that they have a clearer mind and can think much more quickly than before.


8. Relieves Headaches and Migraines

People who suffer from headaches and painful migraines will find that oil pulling relieves and reduces the severity and frequency of both types of headaches within a short time.


9. Helps Nasal and Sinus Passages

Oil pulling can help reduce symptoms of sinusitis, clear the sinus passages, reduce allergy symptoms such as congestion, and even relieve the symptoms of bronchitis.


10. Regulates Hormones

Regular oil pulling can help regulate hormone imbalances, leading to regular menstrual cycles, and even help those who suffer from PMS.


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