The Top 10 Dangerous Toxins That Are Inside Your Home Right Now

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of formaldehyde

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Did you know that there are almost 100,000 untested chemicals that are sold every day in the USA? These have not been proven to be safe, but the US government allows them to be sold anyway. There are far more dangerous chemicals that the government is aware of, but still they allow them to be used and sold every day. This is a list of the top 10 dangerous toxins that you more than likely have inside your home right now, and what safe alternatives you can use instead.


1. Antibacterial Soap

Ok, so right now you are looking at this page and saying to yourself, no way this is right. Antibacterial soap is sold everywhere! That’s true, but the active ingredient in these soaps is a chemical called triclosan. This chemical has been linked to a disruption in hormone levels and thyroid function. When mixed with wastewater and dumped into streams and rivers, it can cause sex changes in wildlife.

These soaps are one of the many reasons we have a problem with bacteria that are resistant to most antibiotics; many researchers feel that it’s due to the overuse of antibacterial soaps and other treatments. Your alternative? Use good old soap and water. Soap and water kill just as many germs. If you like to use those hand sanitizers, use one that does not have triclosan or other chemicals but, rather, has a more natural alcohol base.

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