The Top 6 Ways That Red Clover Balances Hormones

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4. Cuts down on the risk of breast cancer

The British Journal of Nutrition discovered that red clover had a specific isoflavone called biochanin A that was able to reduce the risk of breast cancer by combating aromatase, an enzyme that oversees the effect of androgens converting to estrogen. The results of this study showed that the biochanin A from the red clover reduced the activity of the aromatase.


5. Reduces chances of prostate cancer

After lung cancer, the next condition that was responsible for the death of men was prostate cancer. A test was conducted to determine if the isoflavones from red clover were able to get control of this disease. A study brought together 38 Australian men with prostate cancer to work with the red clover. Before the men had surgical procedures, 20 of them were given 150 mg every day of the isoflavones from the red clover. The end result showed that the death of the cancer cells was much higher that the placebo group. They found no side effects, and the isoflavones were recognized for stopping the progression of prostate cancer.


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6. Cuts down on cardiovascular disease

Another study in Austria tested whether the use of red clover was able to reduce the level of inflammation as well as stop cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. The study showed this to be true, and red clover was able to make improvements on the effects of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the top reasons people die prematurely worldwide.


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