Things You Never Knew About Vodka But Always Wanted To Ask!

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2. Cleaning Razorblades

Can vodka really do that? Yep. If you have a problem with buildup or rust on your razors, don’t keep changing them out for those expensive refills. Simply kick up the intensity (and extend the life) of your razor by soaking the blade in some vodka. Try soaking overnight, then rinse with hot water. This cleans the blade, removes gunk, and stops rust dead in its tracks.


3. Flowers Love Vodka, Too

You might have heard about a dozen ways to extend the life of cut flowers, such as adding an aspirin to the water or a teaspoon of sugar, but these solutions generally only extend the life of your bouquet by about 24 to 36 hours. For super staying power, add a half dozen drops of vodka to the water. This slows down the decay process by about seven days. This is because the vodka will kill the bacteria that breaks down the fiber of your beautiful flower.


4. Detoxify Your Tootsies

You might have heard talk that drinking vodka will kill just about any bacteria that is living in your body. Well, this is partially true in that vodka will kill bacteria, but only when you use it outside the body, not inside. So while you can’t get rid of the flu with a few Jell-o shots, you can use it to detoxify one of the dirtiest things on your body: Your feet! Human feet are more disgusting than you might imagine, and you can kill all those ugly fungi, bacteria, and other stinky houseguests by adding a tablespoon or two of vodka to your foot soak or simply rubbing some over your tootsies.

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