Things You Really Should Know Before You Use Ginger

Fresh Ginger Root

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1.  Strengthens Your Immune System

Consuming just a small amount of ginger every day can help to prevent strokes by stopping fatty deposits from building up in the arteries. It helps lower bacterial infections in the digestive system as well as throat irritation. Ginger will improve immune system function, so feel good about that cup of ginger tea!


2.  Stops Inflammation

In one small study done in 2011 that involved 30 subjects, comparing the results of a ginger root supplement versus a placebo on fighting colon inflammation markers, it was discovered that the patients who consumed ginger had much lower reductions in the inflammation markers. Although this was a small study, it was quite promising. Inflammation in the colon is believed to be a precursor to colon cancer.


3. Fights Respiratory Problems

If you often suffer from breathing problems such as asthma, allergies, or even frequent coughs from colds or the flu, ginger can be a great help to you. Ginger loosens up phlegm in the lungs and nasal passages, which will make breathing easier. Breathe in the steam from a hot cup of ginger tea and feel the relief!

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