This One Melon Can Kill Cancer and Help Diabetics

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Cancer of the Pancreas

Pancreatic cancer is a killer and is often difficult to treat, as is rarely discovered until it very late. Traditional means of surgery, radiation, or chemo show very little results.

Almost all tumors have insulin receptors, which move glucose to the cancerous cells so that they can divide and grow. Insulin encourages cancer cells in the pancreas to grow in a dose dependent manner. Since bitter melon regulates insulin levels, this mean it can help prevent the growth of these cells over time.

Researchers at Colorado University looked at the effect that bitter melon had on 4 different lines of pancreatic cancer cells both in mice and in vitro. Mice were randomly divided into two groups, one would receive only water (the control group), while the other set were given bitter melon juice for six weeks. All mice were injected with pancreatic tumor cells.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the mice that were given bitter melon juice had arrested the cancer cell proliferation and induced programmed cancer cell death (apoptosis). In fact, tumor growth was arrested by an incredible 60 percent, when compared to the control group. There was no evidence of negative effects or toxicity within the body.


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Researchers from St. Louis University found that extract from bitter melon was also capable of killing breast cancer cells and stopping them from growing or spreading to other parts of the body. Since many people in Asia eat this melon or drink its juice, it’s not surprising that they have much lower rates of cancer. Studies performed in Manila, in the Philippines, show that bitter melon extracts have these types of positive effects on not only breast cancer, but prostate cancer, leukemia, and even HIV (AIDS).

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