This One Vitamin is Vital for Your Health and Mental Well-Being

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Everyone talks about vitamin C and calcium, vitamin D and potassium, but has anyone ever told you just how important B vitamins are to ….well, to just about everything? B vitamins are absolutely essential to many of the functions your body performs each and every day. B vitamins help to make new red blood cells, they carry iron, and they create hemoglobin’s. These processes are vital to our lives, and yet, the most dramatic ways B vitamins affect our bodies are within our brains and central nervous system.

Now hold on, don’t stop reading thinking that this is the same old yadda yadda, because it certainly isn’t. Deficiencies in B vitamins can make you feel extremely tired and they can also cause your death. Somewhere in between these two extremes are a variety of other symptoms such as depression, mood swings, paranoia, psychosis, dementia, anxiety attacks, and delusions. This just might explain a lot about what’s going on with Facebook, but that’s another story.

B vitamins are vital for helping you to calm down, put you in a good mood, improve your thought process, and even help you to sleep.

If you are having problems in any of the above areas, it’s possible that you have a B vitamin deficiency. A simply change of diet might be your solution. You should know that B vitamins get destroyed when foods are processed and there should be no room in your diet for processed foods (Read more how to cut down processed food). These type of unhealthy foods are usually nothing more than combinations of artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, GMO this, GMO that, trans fats, excessive salt, and/or aspartame. If you are having any type of emotional or mental health problem, a good look at your diet would be the best place to begin.

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