Top 20 Dangerous Foods You Absolutely Must Avoid

non organic strawberries

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13. Non-organic Strawberries

Strawberries look so clean and pure but have you ever seen workers in strawberry fields? They must wear protective suits when working to keep from being exposed to the dozens of pesticides that are sprayed on strawberries regularly.

A new report that was done by the US Department of Agriculture discovered that strawberries contained more than 13 different pesticides. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

You may have heard that the EPA forbid the use of one pesticide, methyl iodide, because it was shown to be a known carcinogen, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a multitude of other pesticides being used.

Although California is leading the way to investigating the use of non-toxic, or at least less toxic, means of controlling insects and fungi, you should note that these are small scale studies.

Virtually all of these juicy fruits are still being sprayed with tons of extremely toxic chemicals. These pesticides are absorbed into the strawberries, so washing them doesn’t work. Be safe.

Buy only organic strawberries.

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