Top 20 Dangerous Foods You Absolutely Must Avoid

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

12. Coleslaw

Here is another marketing genius, making people believe that this is somehow a healthier option.

True, it contains cabbage and carrots, both of which are very good for you, but it is simply loaded with calories, sugars, and a tremendous amount of fat.

The fat comes from the mayonnaise and some chain brands, such as KFC, have even more fat in a serving of their coleslaw (22 grams) than a large serving of French fries! (19 grams.) Now, you would never think of French fries as healthy, but if no one told you otherwise, you would never believe that a “salad,” such as coleslaw, would be worse for you than your fries.

Take a look at the nutritional info all fast food joints post, don’t assume anything! Your best option here, if you love coleslaw, is to make it yourself at home with low fat mayo or yogurt instead.

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