Top 10 Foods that Could Literally Save Your life

Fresh Watercress

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2. Watercress

This tasty green always ranks high on the super foods lists and it’s really no surprise. A single cup of watercress give you more than your daily recommended intake of vitamin K, which regulates the body’s blood clotting ability and reduces plaque on the walls of the arteries. It can also lower inflammation in the body, which is linked to many chronic diseases, such as arthritis. If you ate watercress every day for two months, you would reduce your risk of cancer, limit DNA damage to your white blood cells, and lower your triglycerides by 10 per cent. Eat more watercress! 10,000 deer can’t be wrong!

Watercress has a slightly peppery flavor that adds an extra flavorful crunch to sandwiches, works great in salads, and can even be added to soups without fear of losing its nutrients during cooking. Any recipe where you can use lettuce or spinach, you can use watercress in its place. Great creative and think watercress!

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