Top 10 Ways You Are Killing Your Brain (#5 – Who Knew?!)

Alzheimers Concept.

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Without your brain, your body is pretty much dead in the water.  Of course, without your body, your brain could go on, but life wouldn’t be so great. This dilemma reminds us of the old joke, “Who is the boss of the body?”

No matter who you think the winner is in this debate, the fact remains that no one wants to feel as if their memory or cognitive function is slipping away. If you’ve watched family members with dementia or Alzheimer’s slowly toddle down that rocky path, you have probably sworn that you never want to go down that road.

Although there are many things that are out of your control, the truth is that there are also plenty of things you can do — or stop doing — that will greatly reduce your risk of causing damage to your noggin.

Keep reading and find the top 10 ways you are doing damage to your grey matter, and how making some simple changes now can make a big difference in your brain power down the road.


1. High Cholesterol

Very few people consider the damage their high cholesterol level is doing to their brain. When cholesterol builds up in the arteries, it reduces the flow of blood to the brain. With lower levels of nutrients and oxygen, the brain suffers damage. Everyone knows that saturated fat causes strokes and heart attacks, but very few people consider what this restriction in your blood flow is doing to your brain. Be sure that you eat a healthy diet to keep those cholesterol numbers down.


2.  Recreational Drugs

When we are talking about recreational drugs, we don’t mean pot. Drugs such as cocaine, glue, meth, and heroin rapidly age the body and, quite literally, fry the brain.  Have you ever seen the before and after mug shots of those who do hard drugs? Yeah, they suddenly look decades older than their actual ages. Recreational drugs weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to serious infections. Their high level of toxic chemicals (which you are willingly putting in your body) are killing off brain cells and permanently altering other parts of your brain.  Drugs like crack and Ecstasy can alter your moods permanently, greatly increasing your risk of developing depression and other types of mental illness later in life. If you think these are just some harmless fun, you are only fooling yourself.  Stop. Today.

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