Top 12 Christmas Foods You Must Avoid

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

10. Pecan Pie

This is another one that you might think is OK because it contains healthy pecans, but after those pecans are dipped in a batter of sugar, margarine, and GMO corn, any resemblance to anything healthy has gone out the window. Even a small piece of pecan pie can have 500 calories, 36 grams of sugar, and 40 grams of artery clogging fat.


11.  Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls are sometimes made for Halloween, but most people make them for Christmas. The classic flavors of caramel, butter coated, and cheddar cheese are all rolled up into balls that are about the size of a softball! Unfortunately, popcorn is something many people can eat tons of and never really feel full. Just one serving (about ¾ cup, which isn’t much when talking about something as bulky as popcorn) of caramel corn has about 125 calories. These really are nothing more than popcorn (possibly even GMO popcorn) margarine, and sugar.


12. Chocolate Gift Boxes

Although everyone loves to receive those big, beautifully wrapped 5 pound boxes of chocolate candies, let’s be honest, does anyone need 5 pounds of chocolate? 3 regular pieces will run about 225 calories. Many people who are trying to lose weight try to limit their lunch calories to about 300 calories. Think about it.

No one says you can’t enjoy Christmas, but do it on your own terms. Eat healthy meals and limit yourself to small portions of treats. Add a bit more exercise to your routine to help make up for any extra calories you might consume. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to many of the traditional Christmas foods, check them out online and cook from scratch for the best flavor and the healthiest holiday season ever.

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