Top 15 Foods to Fight Anemia (You Will Love #10)


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7. Apples and Dates

Apples and dates are both known to help improve iron levels in the blood. Adding a handful of sliced apples and dates to your oatmeal, yogurt, or even as a snack can be a tasty way to improve iron levels.


8.  Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain two important compounds for those with anemia: vitamin C and lycopene. The vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron more easily, and lycopene is super at fighting diseases (especially cancer!) These vegetables are rich in beta carotene and vitamin E, which will help your skin and hair. Adding a tomato or two to your daily diet will help your body absorb more iron. If you like juicing, add one tomato to your green juice or drink it plain to give your body a shot of iron absorbing vitamin C.


9. Honey

What a sweet way to help stop anemia! Honey is good for your entire body and it has a fair amount of iron as well. 100 grams of honey has about 0.42 grams of iron. It also contains magnesium and copper to help increase the amounts of hemoglobin’s in your blood.

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