Top 40 Foods that Cleanse and Detox the Body Naturally

Organic Apples In Summer Grass

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11. Apples

So good tasting and full of wonderful nutrients at the same time! Everything in an apple, vitamins, phytochemicals, terpenoids, flavonoids, pectin, and minerals all add up to super detox power. Apples help to stimulate the production of bile which helps the liver get rid of toxins. Pectin removes heavy metals from the body. Always be sure you choose organic apples as conventional apples are always at the top of the dirty foods list due to excessive chemical contamination.


12. Green Tea

This is one of the best things you can add to your detox program as this tea is simply loaded with antioxidants. Green tea is the least processed of all teas so you will get the most antioxidant bang for your buck. Green tea contains a polyphenol called catechins, which has been linked to numerous health benefits in hundreds of studies.


13. Hemp

This must be one of nature’s most perfect foods. First, you won’t get high from this, so don’t worry about eating it at work or giving it to your kids. Hemp is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins such as C and E, as well as chlorophyll, which is perfect for cleansing the body from all kinds of toxins. Help contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, so it keeps your intestines clean and reduces the toxic load on other organs.


14. Sesame Seeds

Yeah, those little sprinkles on hamburger buns, those! Sesame seeds have beneficial phytosterols, which are so strong they have been extracted and added to processed foods to improve their nutritional profile. But why eat processed foods when you can get all the benefits of this seed naturally through oils and the seed itself? Sesame seeds are one of the top 10 healthiest seeds on the planet!


15. Watercress

Watercress offers your liver a huge dose of powerful cleaning action. If you use smoothies for detox, then add some watercress to them. This plant releases enzymes in the liver to naturally cleanse it and get rid of the toxic overload. Some studies show that eating watercress daily can help prevent breast cancer. Be sure you buy organic watercress and rinse it super well as some sources of watercress come from outside the US and have been found to have parasites.


16. Turmeric

You might have some turmeric in your kitchen right now. The active ingredient in this spice is called curcumin, and in Ayurvedic medicine, this spice is often recommended to treat liver and digestive problems. Turmeric has been well studied and has been shown to have a very positive effect on the liver, not to mention it’s high in healthy antioxidants. The more antioxidants you can get into your body, the better!


17. Broccoli

You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Broccoli woks with the enzymes in your liver to turn toxins into a source that your body can eliminate. The less you cook broccoli the better it is for you. If you aren’t crazy about the taste, try it dehydrated. Broccoli has strong anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer compounds which helps to prevent allergies, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.


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18. Almonds

One of the best nuts around. Almonds are the best nut source of vitamin E, as well as being high in calcium, magnesium, fiber, and an available protein that removes impurities from the bowels. Just a handful a day is all you need to get all these benefits.


19. Ginger

Right up there with turmeric, ginger is one of the strongest disease fighting spices you can buy. Ginger helps liver function, and flushes waste. Many detox diets suggest that you chew on the root itself, but if you find that is too strong for you, try adding a few slice of that organic root to some boiling water and make a cup of tea. For some reason, just the addition of hot water makes this spice enjoyable instead of spicy.


20. Lemongrass

This herb is popular in many parts of the world but has yet to really catch on in the US. In Thailand and Mexico this herb is used as a means of naturally cleansing several organs at once. Lemongrass is beneficial to the bladder, kidneys, liver, and your entire digestive tract. Try drinking lemongrass tea if you find the herb a bit too strong for your cooking tastes.

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