Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Canning

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

4. Might become a necessity

Canning is a skill most prepper’s will tell you is a necessity, and they might be right. No one can ever be certain that there won’t be a food shortage the next season, or a terrorist attack that leaves money in short supply and people stuck in their houses. For many years, people canned their summer harvest and it was enough to provide them with food for the winter, and sometimes beyond. Since we never know what the future might bring, perhaps this is a skill we should all acquire.


5. Quality and Taste

It’s not a matter of personal preference, it’s a fact; no commercially canned product will ever taste as good as something that you grow at home, or from locally grown, harvested in season home canned goods. It gives one a huge amount of satisfaction to select your own produce, at its peak of flavor and ripeness, and can it for later enjoyment. You can bet that when you sit down to those homemade peach preserves in February, you will taste that rich flavor, as well as the care, that went into it. Read more about ways to eat organic on a budget.


6. Passion and social connection

If you think those who crochet are passionate about what they do, wait until you meet those who enjoy canning! You will find a huge network of those with a great deal of experience in home canning on blogs and social media sites such as Facebook. You will make new friends who are willing to share their experiences, and you might just find a new hobby you can really feel passionate about.


7. Gifts

Of course, nothing in the world says “You are special to me” like a big jar of cherry preservers for Christmas. You will find that no matter the occasion; birthdays, 4th of July parties, or New Year’s Eve, you will have a gift ready to go if you have a pantry stocked with jams, jellies, sauces, and pickles!

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