Top Ways To Make Your Coffee Or Tea Habit Healthier


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Coffee: it’s one of the first things we think about in the morning. Without coffee, we are grumpy and sour, but once we have that first cup of steaming Joe, we are all about the smiley face.

This article isn’t here to tell you to dump your coffee habit. Although some people do because they feel that they are healthier without it, studies show that some coffee is actually good for you. “Some” coffee does not mean 3 pots, nor does it mean 4 of those “grande” coffees you get from the Big Bucks coffee shops. “Some” coffee means 3 cups per day or less. For those of you who have been visiting Big Bucks coffee for too long to remember, one cup is 8 ounces. Check it out with a measuring cup so you will have a visual in your mind to compare it to.

Now that you have your 8 ounce cup of coffee in hand, or tea if that is more to your taste, let’s take a look at the top ways you can make that cup of tea or coffee even healthier so you can truly sit back and enjoy it with no guilt involved.


1.  Think Organic

Conventional coffee plants are one of the most heavily sprayed crops around. A typical coffee farmer will use about 250 pounds of pesticides and chemical fertilizers per acre. You are consuming just a bit of pesticide residue with every little sip. This buildup of toxins contributes to a wide variety of health issues including miscarriages in women and cancer.

Yes, organic coffee beans cost a bit more, but how much is your overall health worth exactly?


2.  Buy Whole Beans and Grind Them Yourself

Like every natural thing on earth, once the insides of things are exposed to oxygen and moisture, they begin to break down and quickly spoil. If you want a good idea about how this works, cut open an apple and watch how fast that beautiful white interior turns brown. Exposure to air also kills off antioxidants, which are one of the healthy benefits of coffee. Buy whole beans and grind them at home in the morning when you make your pot of coffee for the best wholesome coffee experience. Find out top reasons to avoid the most popular American coffee shop.


3. Ditch the Dairy

Many people add milk to their coffee and while it might seem harmless, even just a splash of conventional cow’s milk give you a splash of antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, and growth hormones. That does not sound very appetizing, now does it?

Especially when there are terrific alternatives. Make your coffee (or tea) a healthier drink by skipping the milk and going for real cream or organic raw milk. Or you could also go with a nut or seed milk, such as almond milk or hemp seed milk and ditch the diary altogether.

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