Treat 10 Common Summertime Problems With This One Ingredient!

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Summertime is finally here! With those warm summer temperatures come excessive sweating, dry skin, sunburn, frizzy hair, stinky pits, and much, much more.

Both skin and hair need extra TLC in the hot summer months. Rather than rely on petroleum based or chemical based products that cost a fortune, all you really need is one natural ingredient straight from Mother Nature.

Coconut oil!

This is one of the healthiest oils around, not only for cooking, but for summertime problems as well. Coconut oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial compounds, not to mention antioxidants and a unique combination of fatty acids that offer super amazing health and beauty benefits!

Always buy extra virgin or virgin coconut oil for best results and for all the health benefits Mother Nature intended you to get.

Keep reading for the 10 most common summertime problems and how you can beat them, or prevent them, with just one jar of coconut oil.


1.  Heals Sunburn

Summertime means spending more time outside, it’s inevitable. Unfortunately, this can also mean getting sunburned. UV rays of the sun can make your skin age more quickly as well as increase wrinkles and age spots.

Using coconut oil before you head out in the sun can help to protect your skin as it has a natural SPF of about 4. It also helps to reduce inflammation and revitalize the skin. If you should get sunburned, the super moisturizing content in coconut oil can prevent skin peeling.


2.  Prevents and Stops Diaper Rash

OK, so diaper rash is a common problem no matter what time of year, but it seems to happen more often in the summer months, doesn’t it? You can prevent or stop most cases of diaper rash by cleaning baby’s skin well, then applying a generous amount of coconut oil.


3.  Stops Acne

Because we sweat more, acne and other blemishes are much more common in the summer months. Coconut oil cleanses your skin, while its antibacterial compounds fight acne to stop it before it starts. Wash your face as you normally would, then apply some coconut oil to your face and chest. If you get pimples on your back or shoulders, ask someone to rub some coconut oil there as well. It might sound strange that putting oil on your face can stop acne, but it’s true. If you don’t believe it, give it a try for just 1 week. You will be shocked by the difference.

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