Treat Crohn’s Disease Naturally

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1. Boswellia Serrata

This plant is popularly called the “Indian frankincense” and belongs to a resin-producing family that is famous for aromatic oils. It is one of the most valuable herbs in Ayurveda medicine because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it has been regarded as a valuable cure for bronchial asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders. It effectively treats Crohn’s disease with boswellic acids, which are found in its oleo gum resin. The acids work by suppressing inflammatory cytokines, inhibiting the triggering of nuclear factor kappa beta, and preventing the formation of reactive oxygen species. The boswellia serrata is a good alternative to steroids because unlike the latter, the former actively fights Crohn’s disease without any side effects. Due to its properties, it has been regarded as one of the safest herbal treatment to use.

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