True Facts About Autism Infographic

Every year autism is getting more and more widely spread disease.

Autism is a neural development disorder that is characterized by some typical for the disease behaviour: it can be verbal or non-verbal communication, social interaction, problems with memory and understanding some information, repetitive behaviour. Every should understand that such people have a chance to be happy, they just need another way of teaching, communication and just another treatment.

Learn the infographic below to be aware of some true facts about the disease. What other statistics do you know? Leave a comment!

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  1. Mary Roberts

    Jul 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Autism is a neurological abnormality on the X chromosome. (This helps to explain the boy/girl imbalance.)

    This abnormality causes increased sensitivity to neurological stimuli. It is systemic, affects the whole body.

    Some of these stimuli are: (separated by commas).

    Sound, light, the old fluorescent bulbs (sound and light flicker ~ which are still used in public schools), physical motion, environmental randomity, chemical assault by excitotoxins (injested or injected), allergies, environmental toxins, emotional upset. Seizures are a common neurological component.

    Other neurological abnormalities sometimes are present co-morbidly (not the same cause). When the medical community insists on combining them into one condition they cannot understand Autism.

    The treatment:

    Children should be raised in a calm, predictable, relatively quiet environment. Not being exposed to the excessive “noise” of today’s modern society will prevent the common physical manifestations used by those with Autism to “distract themselves” from the pain of the constant neurological assault.

    These children learn to tolerate the pain that they feel, gradually. They will never NOT feel the pain, (unless they are medicated), which is bad for them and society. (Medication is never successful long term.) Sometimes we just need to slow down.