Vitamin Deficiencies And Autism: Things You Must Be Aware Of

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The Evidence

Vitamin D deficiency has emerged as a global issue in conjunction with autism.  Many people are confused about the role of this vitamin and how it impacts health. Vitamin D has long been associated with the sun, but really, it impacts many other aspects of your body and your health.

The evidence came about through studies of immigrant populations who lived in equatorial locations and compared those with individuals who lived in other regions with less intense sun exposure.  The results were pretty stunning: Those immigrant populations who lived in areas with direct sun exposure had never experienced a disease like autism.

Vitamin D exposure and autism has another link rooted in biology.  A 2007 study by Allan Kalueff showed that vitamin D was essential for a developing fetus and essential for babies to develop brain function within normal ranges.  Of course, much more research is needed before the data is conclusive, but this is a start.

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