Water, Coffee, Sugar…. Fatal Doses Of The Most Common Products

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Let’s start with a caffeine

It’s how so many people start their day. Many feel like that they can’t function without it. If people drink too much caffeine, they can feel anxious, irritable, nervous, and might experience twitching or other small muscle spasms. But such side effects can occur after only a few cups of coffee, and will subside over time. How much caffeine is actually dangerous?

The short answer: A LOT. A typical eight-ounce cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine. In an interview with USA Today, 400-500 mg was designated was the safe upper limit of what an adult can consume in a 24-hour period, which translates to four to five cups of coffee a day.

A big factor in determining a safe amount of caffeine to consume is a person’s bodyweight. The more body mass someone has, the more caffeine they can tolerate. One calculator tool on the website caffeineinformer.com allows users to enter their bodyweight and type in the name of their favorite caffeinated beverage. The website will then calculate how much of that beverage it would take to kill the user based on their weight.

The tool follows a criterion of 6 grams of caffeine per 100 pounds of bodyweight to estimate the dosage. However, it must be noted that the website includes a disclaimer which states that this is not medical advice and should not serve as a substitute for a professional medical opinion. According to the Journal of Caffeine Research, a lethal dose would be around 10 grams, and in terms of servings, compound chemical puts the number at 50-100 cups of coffee to kill an adult based on their weight.

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