Wearing High Heels Without Pain. Is It Ever Possible?

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High heels are always trendy

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) conducted surveys which indicated that almost half of all American women wear high heels. The survey also showed many of them are doing serious harm to their bodies.

Women wear high heels for a variety of reasons. Those who are short want to add a bit of height to their stature, while others feel it increases their sex appeal to the opposite sex. Many are also slaves to fashion, and if high heels are trendy, they will follow suit.

The surveys also reported that 71% of women complained that their feet hurt from the high heels, and noted that impact of the discomfort actually goes far beyond sore feet alone.


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How high heels can do damage over time

Your head is supported by the neck, spine, pelvis and ankles, all in a well-balanced line. When you slip into a pair of high heels (especially stilettos) with narrow toes, the entire spinal system is thrown out of alignment.

The APMA has confirmed that the weight distribution is shifted forward because the foot is no longer flat on the ground. All of the weight has shifted and is now on the ball of the foot. This leads to pain in the feet and ankles because the skeletal bones are out of balance.

Although this skeletal damage has been proven by research, most women seem not to be troubled by this when they are younger. However, in later life some of the damage done may be irreversible.

But there is a healthier way to wear high heels that will not result in pain or do any permanent damage to your body.


How to make the most of wearing high heeled shoes

In spite of all the warnings, women who are attached to their high heel shoes will continue to wear them. Fortunately, if you take the appropriate action, you can still wear your heels without any of the pain.

Here are some of the ways you can avoid high heels doing damage to your body.

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