What Is Kohlrabi And How Can It Improve Our Heath?

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3. Prevents certain types of cancer

Glucosinolates, which are phytochemicals, are some of the most effective antioxidants that have been found to prevent certain types of cancer, in particular, breast and prostate. Kohlrabi contains high amounts of these antioxidants so it is in your best interest to add this vegetable to your diet to prevent contracting these types of cancer.


4. Metabolism

Even if you do not have problems with your metabolism. Having enough B vitamins in your body on a regular basis will keep your metabolism working at an optimum level. Adding kohlrabi to your diet regularly will ensure that you are getting enough B vitamins which are responsible for keeping your body running smoothly. They will keep your mood elevated and provide you with extra energy to keep you going all day.


5. Builds strong bones

Keeping your bones strong as we age is extremely important. One of the things we can do to help our bones stay strong is to provide them with the best foods that are high in minerals. Kohlrabi is one of those foods and it is high in iron, manganese, and calcium. If your bones are already weak, your chances of hurting yourself unnecessarily as you get older increases and you may find yourself breaking a hip from the slightest touch.

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