What Is Kohlrabi And How Can It Improve Our Heath?

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6. Helps with digestion

Kohlrabi is filled with fiber which is able to keep our digestive systems running smoothly. It helps to keep your bowel movements regular and eliminates any bloating and cramping you might experience. Your body is meant to run smoothly and evenly and you can help it achieve this by feeding it the right nutrients through nutritious foods.


7. Increases levels of iron

Kohlrabi has an impressive amount of iron in it and has been found to raise the level of red blood cells which helps to keep you from developing anemia. Symptoms of an iron deficiency include fatigue, weakness, headaches, and a compromised immune system.


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8. Helps with vision

Along with vitamin A, kohlrabi has plenty of carotenes which help in many areas of the health of your eyes. It has been found to keep you from contracting macular degeneration as you get older as well as reduce the chances of getting cataracts.





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