What To Do If You Get Stung By A Bee


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How to keep yourself from getting stung by a bee again

While the following tips and suggestions won’t guarantee you won’t ever get stung by a bee again in your life, they will help you avoid as many of them as you can.

  • Always make sure you have shoes on when you are outside.
  • Don’t go anywhere near garbage cans that are not covered.
  • Put a lid on any food you are eating outdoors.
  • Wear bland clothing — nothing with vibrant prints or colorful patterns.
  • Keep your windows closed while driving.
  • Avoid wearing any body lotions, perfumes or hair products.
  • Stay far away from beehive.
  • Drink out of a covered cup, not from an open soda can.
  • If you find yourself around a bee just try to ignore it as much as you can. Usually the bee will fly away unless you start batting at it and get its attention.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy if you plan on spending a great deal of time outdoors. In this kit make sure you have any of the suggestions for getting rid of a bee sting, some bandages, over-the-counter solutions such as calamine lotion or antihistamine creams, and even some honey, which will soothe the sting right away.


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  • Make sure you keep little children as covered up as you can. It will be harder for a bee to sting a child who is wearing a long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes and socks.




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