Why Is Butter Better?

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4. It cuts down on the symptoms of diabetes

The American Diabetes Association published the findings of a study showing that sodium butyrate, which is found in butter, is responsible for improving the response of insulin for those who have diabetes.


5. Strengthens your bones

Butter contains vitamin D, which helps strengthen your muscles and increase the density of your bones. Vitamin K is known as the vitamin that helps your blood clot when you are injured.


6. Butter is better for you than margarine

Besides tasting nicer than margarine, butter is better for you because of the high amounts of trans-fats found in the butter substitute. In addition, the vegetable fats that are in margarine are more responsible for the death of those with heart disease than the saturated fats found in butter.


7. Butter tastes better

Besides the flavor alone, butter tastes better and it is a natural food, whereas margarine is made from chemicals and isn’t even naturally yellow — it is grey. They merely add color to margarine to help it compete with butter.

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