10 Common Food Myths For People With Diabetes

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There are two types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is where your body is unable to process insulin on its own and must rely on insulin shots in order to survive. Type 2 diabetes used to be called “adult onset” diabetes, but is now a condition that often occurs in those who are overweight, under exercised, and often consume more foods that turn into glucose than the body can process correctly.

There are many misconceptions as to what is the truth about this potentially serious disease. The main truths are that this disease can be controlled by proper diet and plenty of exercise. If this condition is not taken care of, it could spread to result in diabetic shock, eye diseases, and possible amputations of the toes, feet and legs.

Here are some common misconceptions that many people believe to be true about diabetes. The main truth that many people are not willing to believe is that type 2 diabetes not only can be brought under control, it can ultimately be healed permanently. When the glucose levels have been brought under control, and the pancreas has been given the chance to operate properly again there is no longer a need for medication and the person is no longer considered a diabetic. Here are the top food myths about having diabetes.


1. You have to eat a different diet 

Those who have diabetes are generally able to eat what the rest of the family can eat with an attention to portion control. Anything is allowed as long as it is under control and the blood sugar levels are in the position to burn excess glucose to remain within the set glucose levels.


2. You can’t have any sugar at all 

This is probably the biggest misconception regarding diabetes. While too much sugar is definitely a no-no, a small amount that is calculated to fit into your daily calorie and carbohydrate totals is allowed.

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